How It Works
You’re here to Enjoy the Shore...while we are at the Store... for you!!
You can shop, checkout, and have your groceries delivered in three easy steps!
how it works
  1. Shop for items on your grocery list
    Browse our store and add groceries to your cart — we have thousands of items available.

  2. Choose a delivery date
    No need to worry as we deliver your groceries prior to your arrival time as that is why we ask for your airline, flight number and estimated time of arrival to make sure your groceries are delivered and placed in your room prior to your arrival.

  3. Your groceries are delivered and stocked in your room.
We offer grocery items, from top quality local products to familiar and trusted national brands. Just about everything you have at your own grocery store, we can deliver to your room. We have a minimun purchase requirement for your groceries of $75.00.

Our grocery prices reflect the local shelf prices of the groceries you order plus Hawaii's General Excise Tax (on all products purchased) now at 4.712%. Incidentally, the State of Hawaii has a $.06 cents redemption per soda bottled/can soda container and our prices reflect that in the amount you pay. Upon checking out, a $30.00 service fee (for shopping, delivery and putting away in your room) will be added to your order and it appears as a shipping charge no matter what the size of your order

You'll know just what you're spending as you order. Orders need to be placed by 3 PM for delivery the following day by 3 PM . This insures that we obtain what you ordered and if it is out of stock we have time to contact you to make substitutions to your order with your approval.

Please note that if you are in a building without an elevator and you are on 2nd floor or beyond the following fees will apply 2nd floor $7.50 and each additional floor will be $5.00.